The Last Runaway

By Tracey Chevalier

Statement: Easy to read. Simple prose. Strength in silence. Approachable and everyday history.

Plot: Honor Bright is a young Quaker who moves to Ohio from England in the 1840s. Tragedy strikes early and Honor finds herself amongst strangers and married into a strange-to-her family. Following her own beliefs, Honor begins to help runaway slaves.

Thoughts: Tracey Chevalier writes approachable historical novels, often told from the point of view of young women (e.g. The Girl With the Pearl Earing, The Virgin Blue). I feel this novel is less depressing in a way because Honor finds her strength and changed circumstance rather than being beholden too or having her fate decided for her. 

Writing: Simple, clear prose with good storing telling. Not Hilary Mantel, but I like this author. As well as the novels mentioned here I have also read The Lady and the Unicorn, and Remarkable Creatures.


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