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Heft, a novel

By Liz Moore

This was an exciting library find for me. I wasn’t even looking for a book for me, but the adult fiction is near check out and the cover caught my eye.

It is the story of two men … well one man and a boy becoming a man. Arthur weighs 550 pounds and he hasn’t left the house. Kel is 18, and doesn’t want to go home. They are connected through Kel’s mother, Charlene.

It is a novel about families, loss and love. It is about finding yourself. I read it in 4 days, and that wasn’t reading it all the time either. I found it compelling reading … and I stopped reading another book that was getting exciting because I had to keep reading this one.

I won’t say more. Feel free to disagree.


The Restaurant at the end of the Universe

By Douglas Adams

I have wanted to read this book for ages … well since I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Oddly enough I kept forgetting that I wanted to.

This book didn’t disappoint. What is disappointing is that my original post on this book failed to publish on WordPress, so I need to re type it.

Arthur Dent, Trillion, Ford Prefect, and Zaphod Beeblebrox are where we left them at the end of Hitchhiker’s Guide, in the fabulous stolen space ship Heart of Gold. Arthur and Trillion are the last two human beings left in the world, as Earth has been blown up to “make way for a highway”. The Vogons (who blew up Earth) and others want a tidy job, so the novel begins with them trying to finish off Arthur and Trillion off. Zaphod summons his dead great grandad to get them out of this bind and this is where the fun begins.

To read more about the late Douglas Adams his official website.

A diversion about book stores. I picked up my copy in the fabulous Kinokuniya Singapore. Start hyperventilating now. OK, so maybe Kinokuniya is the Japanese equivalent of evil Fox books, but they really are awesome. I found The Restaurant by wandering through this fabulous shop. I wasn’t looking for it, but it was strategically placed so I might buy it. The selection is fabulous. They have branches all over Asia, and also in Sydney (where I have weighed down my suit case before).

All of the books I bought for myself were unintentional ambled past and caught my eye. And no, browsing online just doesn’t net the same result.

I found books for the wee boy (Star Wars related) and a book I was looking for for the big boy (New York Drawings by Adrian Tomine).

Comfort read … Carpe Jugulum, Terry Patchett

Fabulous as usual. I re-read this a couple of years ago when I had my Terry Pratchett-o-thon (reading all Terry Pratchett disc world novels in order). I really love this book. There are certain characters in Pratchett that I really love, and Granny and the people of Lancre are certainly in this group.

The plot. King Verrance is a modern King, and being modern he invited vampires to his babies christening. Problem was, as everybody knows, once you invite vampires in they can do anything. These vampires are vampyres (they think the spelling is more modern), and they themselves are learning to be modern. They turn of in Lancre with thoughts of “farming”, a disgruntled servant Igor, and a bunch of awful hangers on. It’s up to Agnes Nitt, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax, and Magrat to save the day … along with some delightful helpers.

No wonder this one was in my favourites pile for my photo. Love it.

Agree to disagree.