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Northanger Abby

By Jane Austin

A comfort read for me.   I have read this novel many times, and I think it must be one of my favourite Austin novels.   Henry Tilney is certainly my favourite Austin heroes.   He just comes off as a completely lovely bloke, without being a sap.   He is intelligent, witty and warm.   And Catherine Morland, our heroine, may be young and naive, but she is completely lovely.   Catherine is unpretentious and trusting, but she does learn from her mistakes.

Young Catherine is taken to Bath with family friends, the Allen’s.   It is here she meets Henry Tilney, and his family.   It is also where she meets the Thorp family, friends of her brother.   Shr quickly becomes friends with the eldest Miss Thorp, Isabella, who shares Catherine’s obsession with gothic novels.   We follow Catherine’s hilarious passage through bath society, and she discovers things are not always what they seem, and comes to realize what true heroic behaviour is.    Catherine is then invited to visit Northanger Abby, home of the Tilney’s, and by all accounts, a place that sounds like it has come straight out of a novel by Mrs Radcliffe.

Andrew Davies made a wonderful adaption, staring Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland, and Carey Mulligan as Isabella Thorp.