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When it’s a jar

By Tom Holt

Statement: This is the third Tom Holt novel I have read, and I must say I really enjoy his writing. Even though I enjoyed it, it took me a wee while to get into the book (I kept distracting myself with chic-lit and other stuff which didn’t help). I didn’t have this problem when reading Barking or Blonde Bombshell. The plot kept repeatedly building towards something exciting, then suddenly turning back to the seamingly mundane. This was just a plot device, so “bare with” fellow readers. I laughed out loud at times, and you’ve gotta love a novel that makes you laugh.

Plot: Strange things keep happening to Maurice Katz. People keep telling him he is a hero for one thing, with seems contrary to Maurice’s perception of his life (unsuccessful, just hanging onto his job etc). Extraordinary things keep happening, and Maurice steadily tries to ignore them until his reluctant inner hero steps out to save the world. And then there’s the bloke who keeps waking up in a jar.

Writing: Modern prose, good flow, funny

Thoughts: I love the balance of modern day London to the various parallels mutliverses. And the humour of course.

Read if:  … you like Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Ben Aaronovitch, Terry Pratchett.


Whispers in the Underground

Well, I read this a couple of months ago so I am a bit sketchy with it. It’s Ben Aaronovitch, need I say more. Readers familiar with my posts will know that I totally love these Peter Grant novels set in London. This time, apprentice wizard and Detective Constable of the Met, Peter Grant, is trying to figure something out about a death in the underground. There is the usual bunch of awesome characters, and some laugh out loud moments. And the number of residents at the folly is expanding too.

It rocks. If you like detectives, the supernatural, and London, then these are the books for you.

Rivers of London

Rivers of LondonBy Ben Aaronovitch.

Yay! Loved it. Peter Grant is a young constable in the London Metropolitan Police. He was facing a life of paperwork, when a chance encounter with a ghost caught a the eye of a DI in a very special unit. Yep. It’s a modern day fantasy, set London. Peter becomes a wizard in training – there are even jokes about Harry Potter.

There are two main plot lines in the novel, one involving the “gods”/”goddesses” of the rivers of London, and the other, the sinister big plot, involving the theatre. I won’t say any more because I don’t want to give away the plot.

Anyway. I found it easy to read, and engaging. Now, I read this book as an e-book. I feel a little bit guilty about that, because I can’t share the book with others who may like to read it. It was a quarter of the price of the paperback … but I still feel I maybe should have supported my local shop.

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