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Urban Gardener

By Elspeth Thompson.

For me Urban Gardener was a great read.   It has been made up of the Sunday Telegraph column of the same name from 1996 to 1998.   Here Elspeth Thompson talks about gardening in her first home, and at the allottment that she has just taken on with her sister. Thompson is not a really a novice gardener, as she has been container gardening for years.

The columns are full of  gardening tales from home and the allotment, of famous gardens, of books about gardens, flowers, vegetables, and compost.   It really is a good collection.  And although Thompson is obviously competant, I never felt that she preached at her readers.

Sadly, when I wanted to read a bit more about Elspeth Thompson I found out that she died in 2010.


Dear Fatty

By Dawn French

I am not going to sit in judgment on somebody’s autobiography – that is, on some bodies life.   I did enjoy Dear Fatty, the autobiography of comedian Dawn French.   It was, as the lovely lady at Dymocks Lower Hutt said, both funny and extremely poignant at times.

This autobiography is “told” in a series of letters to significant people in French’s life (and others too).   “Fatty” is Jennifer Saunders’ nickname.   It is simply, a walk through Dawn French’s life up to the publication date, including childhood, family, and her career as a comedian.

Dear Fatty, Dawn French

Dear Fatty, Dawn French