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Heft, a novel

By Liz Moore

This was an exciting library find for me. I wasn’t even looking for a book for me, but the adult fiction is near check out and the cover caught my eye.

It is the story of two men … well one man and a boy becoming a man. Arthur weighs 550 pounds and he hasn’t left the house. Kel is 18, and doesn’t want to go home. They are connected through Kel’s mother, Charlene.

It is a novel about families, loss and love. It is about finding yourself. I read it in 4 days, and that wasn’t reading it all the time either. I found it compelling reading … and I stopped reading another book that was getting exciting because I had to keep reading this one.

I won’t say more. Feel free to disagree.


Heartbreak Hotel

By Deborah Moggach

I did enjoy this book, but I had expected more from it too. I bought it because it was reviewed in one of the weekend papers, and I just thought it would be a bit more substantial.

Having said all that of course I did enjoy it. Some characters I loved, some were just annoying … but then that is life, right!

Buffy, a retired actor, inherits a B&B in an small welsh village. Buffy is a complete townie, but decides to keep the B&B running. After a while he gets the great idea of running courses for the recently divorced. People come to the courses and some stay on in Knockton.

I loved the ending, and the idea for rejuvenating decaying Knockton.