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Whispers in the Underground

Well, I read this a couple of months ago so I am a bit sketchy with it. It’s Ben Aaronovitch, need I say more. Readers familiar with my posts will know that I totally love these Peter Grant novels set in London. This time, apprentice wizard and Detective Constable of the Met, Peter Grant, is trying to figure something out about a death in the underground. There is the usual bunch of awesome characters, and some laugh out loud moments. And the number of residents at the folly is expanding too.

It rocks. If you like detectives, the supernatural, and London, then these are the books for you.


Moon over Soho

By Ben Aaronovitch

Another DC Peter Grant novel. As fabulous as Rivers of London, funny, gripping, just fabulous. In Moon Over Soho something supernatural is killing jazz musicians and Peter is trying to find out what and how. We meet Peter’s dad Richard ‘Lord’ Grant who had once been a great Jazz musician, and learn about his fall.


And because this is a novel about the supernatural in London, we also find snippets abut the history of London which is always fascinating. This time, jazz style clubs etc.

It has been a while since I have read this novel, so please excuse the shortness of the review.

So, if you like detective novels, humour, and the supernatural, do check out these books. They totally rock.

Feel free to disagree.