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Island of the Lost

By Joan Druett

Well written and thoroughly fascinating true story of the survival of the five men aboard the schooner Grafton.   I did really like this book.   I like historical accounts of sailing and ships, and this was well written and researched.   This book was a loaner from a friend – which to me is really like a gift, because you get to read a book that somebody has loved.

The schooner the Grafton was wrecked at the Auckland Islands in 1864.   All five men aboard the Grafton survived.   This book follows their incredible survival story in extreme conditions.   Druett contrasts the leadership and approach of the Grafton survivors to those of the Invercauld, wrecked on the Auckland Islands at the same time.   19 men survived the ship wreck, but only three men were eventually rescued from the Invercauld.

I read this book really quickly about a month ago … sorry, I have been really slow at getting my reviews up.   I may not have a another for a wee while because I am reading Bleakhouse (and loving it) and it is very long.   I may have to do my two-at-time thing again!

My goodness!  I have just thought that this would be a great gift for my Dad.   I am sure he enjoyed Bligh, which I also loved.   There is something about 19th century survival stories – well, the well written accounts of 19th century survival stories.   If you like historical books about sailing and ships etc, I would definitely recommend Bligh.   If you like survival stories I would definitely recommend Island of the Lost.

Feel free to disagree!