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By Bernard Cornwell

How could I forget that this stuff is my chic-lit? I have lots of time over the past couple of months reading, and being a bit disappointed in chic-lit. As you know, when the stressy goes down I need pure escapism.

Anyway … 1356, very cool. Continues on the story of Thomas of Hookton, archer, now sir Thomas. Intrigue, fighting, battles. Great stuff if you like that sort of thing, which of course I do. The battle this novel is the battle of Poitier. If you aren’t keen on gore then be best to stay away, but I found it compelling.

Feel free to disagree!



By Bernard Cornwall

20121118-165830.jpgThe third Grail Quest novel. I do love these novels. It has been a wee while since I read this, so I my details may be about sketchy.

This novel starts with Thomas of Hookton taking a group of pals (ok, soldiers) to his families ancestral lands in Gascony with a hope to find the grail. Yep, there’s yet another over-zealous priest, several fairly awful lords, but thems the days I suppose.

Friendships are tested when a new woman comes on the scene. This one is learning to be fairly handy in a fight though. Still think Thomas could be a dick at times, and often totally lead by his!

What is interesting is the commentary on religion, and belief back in the 13th century. Thomas and his contemporaries believed in devils and demons, witches and fairy folk. Being considered a heretic really was a major deal, as the church was between your soul and those very devils.

Again, some fairly gruesome bits. It’s war, up close and personal.v